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India releases video of attacks on Taj Mahal Hotel


Source: | 12-08-2008 14:50

Special Report:   Terror attacks in Mumbai

Police in Mumbai, India, have released security camera video of the terror attack in the landmark Taj Mahal hotel, over ten days ago.

The images show the armed militants moving about the hotel.

Police in Mumbai, India, have released security camera video of the terror attack in the landmark Taj Mahal hotel, over ten days ago.(
Police in Mumbai, India, have released security camera
video of the terror attack in the landmark Taj Mahal 
hotel, over ten days ago.(

It also shows staff and police walking through corridors and checking rooms.

The attacks in Mumbai killed 171 people. About three-hundred wounded. Indian police are also defending their actions during the Mumbai attacks.

A senior officer says they responded to the incident quickly and effectively.