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UN steps up call to fight Somali piracy


Source: | 12-03-2008 10:22

The UN Security Council has adopted a new resolution to extend for 12 months the mandate for countries to fight pirates off the Somali coast.

The resolution is the third such agreed by the 15-member body since June. The council also praised NATO for its decision to counter piracy off the Somalia coast.

The UN Security Council has adopted a new resolution to extend for 12 months the mandate for countries to fight pirates off the Somali coast.(
The UN Security Council has adopted a new resolution
to extend for 12 months the mandate for countries to
fight pirates off the Somali coast.(

And it welcomed last month's decision by the European Union to launch a naval operation to protect humanitarian vessels and other vulnerable ships.

China's Ambassador to the UN, Zhang Yesui, says China vigorously supports and is ready to participate in international anti-piracy endeavors coordinated by the UN.

He also called on the international community to resolve the domestic crisis in Somalia, which he says is the root cause of the increased piracy.