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Video shows arrest of only surviving gunman in Mumbai


Source: | 12-02-2008 13:40

Special Report:   Terror attacks in Mumbai

Mobile phone video obtained by news agencies shows the alleged arrest by security services of a gunman.

He is reported to be the only surviving terrorist behind last week's attacks in Mumbai.

Mobile phone video obtained by news agencies shows the alleged arrest by security services of a gunman.(
Mobile phone video obtained by news agencies shows
the alleged arrest by security services of a gunman.

The gunman was named by police as Ajmal Qasab. He is allegedly one of the ten assailants who paralyzed the city in the attacks that left at least 183 people dead.

The grainy footage shows angry bystanders beating the alleged attacker late Wednesday night, just moments before he was arrested by Indian authorities.

The video was allegedly filmed near the city's biggest train station, where the group of gunmen had just carried out a killing spree.