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India investigates Mumbai attacks


Source: | 11-28-2008 13:26

Special Report:   Terror attacks in Mumbai

Indian security forces are stepping up efforts to battle militants in the three major attacked sites in Mumbai.

Meanwhile, an investigation into the facts surrounding the attacks is yielding more information.

R.H. Hooda, Indian Army Official, said, " ... in the area of Taj there should be about five to six." (
R.H. Hooda, Indian Army Official, said, " In the
area of Taj there should be about five to six." 

India deployed commandos following the coordinated attacks across Mumbai on Wednesday night.

They spent much of Thursday battling to flush out holed-up militants and rescue people. They often did so room by room in the luxury Taj Mahal Hotel and nearby Oberoi-Trident Hotel as well as at a Jewish center.

Exchanges of gunfire and explosions could be heard in the fighting.

A local army official updated the public on the ongoing operations against the militants.

R.H. Hooda, Indian Army Official, said, " ... in the area of Taj there should be about five to six. Some of them have been believed to have been killed also. Two charred bodies are in one of the places when they detailed search in the Taj Hotel. We will get out the bodies and then we'll carry out the identification."