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Phone interview with journalist in India


Source: | 11-27-2008 13:58

Special Report:   Terror attacks in Mumbai

Now, for more on the deadly terrorists attacks in Mumbai, we cross over live to veteran Indian Journalist, Utal Chatterjee, who is on the phone in India.

Veteran Indian Journalist, Utal Chatterjee, who is on the phone in India.(
Veteran Indian Journalist, Utal Chatterjee, who is
on the phone in India.(

Q1: Hello, Mr. Chatterjee. Earlier today (Thursday), senior officials from Maharashtra state said the situation in Mumbai was still not under control after attacks by gunmen across the financial hub late on Wednesday night. What is the latest information you have on the terror attacks in Mumbai?

Q2: You mentioned that several western tourists are being held hostages. What's the latest you have on the rescue operation?


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