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NPC slams EU parliament resolution over Tibet


Source: | 04-13-2008 10:03

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

The Foreign Affairs Committee of China's National People's Congress has issued a statement concerning the resolution on Tibet passed by the European Parliament.

The NPC Foreign Affairs Committee says the European Parliament passed the resolution without acknowledging the facts of the situation in Tibet and in the face of strong opposition from China. It also says the resolution groundlessly condemned how the Tibet Autonomous Region's Government dealt with the violence in March.

It also says the resolution politicizes the upcoming Beijing Olympics. The NPC statement says China is resolutely opposed to, and strongly indignant over, the resolution. It notes the EU Parliament's action has seriously hurt the feelings of the Chinese people.

The NPC states the riots in Tibet in March were masterminded and fanned by Tibetan separatists both inside and outside of China. Their goal is to impose pressure on the central government, sabotage the Beijing Olympics and disrupt China's peaceful and harmonious social order. The riots have once again exposed the violence and separatist nature of the Dalai Clique. The resolution says the European Parliament turned a blind eye to the facts and did not condemn the Dalai clique for masterminding and organizing the riots. Instead, the resolution emboldens the "Tibet independence" and separatist movements.

The National People's Congress says Tibet is an inalienable part of China and a part of China's internal affairs and no foreign country or international organization should interfere. The NPC says the European Parliament resolution not only interfered in China's internal affairs but also openly violated the "Olympic Charter". China is strongly opposed to linking the issue of Tibet to the Beijing Olympics. Any attempt to use the 2008 Olympic games to impose pressure on China is doomed to fail.

The NPC demands the European Parliament respect the facts and stops sending the wrong political signals to the Dalai Clique. And China's National People's Congress sincerely hopes the members of the European Parliament cherish the good China-EU relations and refrain from hurting the feelings of Chinese people again and harming the Olympic spirit. This will ensure the healthy development of the China-EU strategic partnership.