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Tibet: Wounded soldiers gradually recovered


Source: | 03-31-2008 14:52

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

The Tibetan Autonomous Regional government promises economic assistance to those who suffered property losses during the March 14th riots.

Local authorities say the government will also cover part or all of the medical expenses for those wounded people not included in the region's basic medicare insurance. (
Local authorities say the government will also cover
part or all of the medical expenses for those wounded
people not included in the region's basic medicare 
insurance. (

The government reveals 241 regular and armed police officers were wounded when attacked that day in Lhasa.

The most seriously injured remain in hospital where they are slowly recovering.

The regional government says up to 382 civilians were wounded during the riots March 14th. Over 900 commercial establishments sustained property damage.

The local government declares it will reduce or waive taxes for business owners who suffered losses.

Economic assistance also will be provided for all affected individuals, who face difficulties maintaining their normal lives, as a result of the riots.

Tan Yungao, Securetary of Leading CPC Group, Civil Affairs Dept., Tibetan Automomous Region, said, "We are offering economic assistance to civilians who were wounded, who have personal difficulty or who lost property because of the riot. For those families with very low income, we will offer a monthly subsidy of at least 260 yuan for every person. The aid program will continue for at least 2 years."

Local authorities say the government will also cover part or all of the medical expenses for those wounded people not included in the region's basic medicare insurance.

Police officers and armed police officers were targeted in the riots. On March 14th alone, the hospital affiliated to the Tibetan headquarters of Armed Police admitted more than 100 armed police officers who had been wounded.

Dianzin, 21-Year-Old Tibetan Police Officer, said, "The mobsters attacked us when we were patrolling. They threw stones or bottles at us. They were just unstoppable."

The mobs set fire to civilian buildings near the Jokhang Temple square on the afternoon of March 14th.

Then they burned 2 fire engines, as fire fighters struggled to extinguish the fires. 4 firefighters were wounded during the incident.

Liu Dingwei, 19-Year-Old Tibetan Police Officer, said, "I was first struck on the head. I almost fainted. Then when I was half-conscious I suffered another blow to my hip."

The injured armed police officers are slowly recovering.

Zhang Liancang, President of Hospital of Tibetan Armed Police Headquarters, said, "Our hospital received 121 wounded armed police officers on March 14th. 81 have now recovered and been discharged. "

Liangjie, Armed Police Officer, said, "I feel greatly honored that I was called upon to defend the safety of the people."

Authorities say some seriously wounded armed police officers have been transferred to hospitals in the interland for specialized treatment.


Editor:Zhang Pengfei