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Public order restored in Tibet, Gansu


Source: | 03-26-2008 09:13

Special Report:   3.14 Tibet Riots

Public order in Tibet and nearby Gansu Province has been restored, after the riots in mid March. Damaged shops and bank branches, along with the public transportation system, are back to normal operation.

Over 1/5 of the bank branches in Lhasa were damaged in the riots. But bank staff took precautions to transfer cash and important files to safety. Now, nearly all the banks in the regional capital of Tibet are running again.

Over 1/5 of the bank branches in Lhasa were damaged in the riots.Now, nearly all the banks in the regional capital of Tibet are running again.
Over 1/5 of the bank branches in Lhasa were damaged in the 
riots.Now, nearly all the banks in the regional capital of 
Tibet are running again.

Yan Sibo, manager of Lhasa Branch, PBOC, said, "Now we have daily transactions of more than 6 billion yuan. This means the business is back to the normal level."

The Gannan area in Gansu Province is also recovering from four days of damage in recent riots.

Villagers from all around have rushed back for basic supplies.

Herdswoman Kane said, "There's no price change in cooking oil."

Rioters burned down the local mobile phone operator's office. For customer convenience, staff have set up temporary stands with top up and billing services.


Editor:Zhang Ning