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Proposal: Sources of corruption be studied


Source: | 03-10-2008 19:06

Special Report:   2008 NPC & CPPCC sessions

The government's determination to curb corruption is a highlight at this year's top political event. One member of the CPPCC suggests the Party should better study the roots of corruption, in order to stop it happening all together.

Lin Wenken has worked in discipline inspection departments for decades.
Lin Wenken has worked in discipline inspection departments 
for decades.

For years, the Communist Party of China has been fighting one of its biggest problems corruption.

In his proposal, he suggests a better understanding of its roots will help stop the crime being committed.
In Lin Wenken's proposal, he suggests a better understanding 
of its roots will help stop the crime being committed.

Lin Wenken has worked in discipline inspection departments for decades. He has never stopped questioning why corruption happens. In his proposal, he suggests a better understanding of its roots will help stop the crime being committed.