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NPC deputy on IPR protection


Source: | 03-08-2008 19:18

Special Report:   2008 NPC & CPPCC sessions

Women in the NPC not only represent gender equality, but also the will of different groups. One writer-deputy connects IPR protection with fostering creativity in culture.

Women in the NPC not only represent gender equality, but also the will of different groups. One writer-deputy connects IPR protection with fostering creativity in culture.
Women in the NPC not only represent gender equality,
but also the will of different groups. One writer-
deputy connects IPR protection with fostering 
creativity in culture.(

Every gathering of NPC deputies is a time for brainstorming. These women from different occupations bring views of great social significance.

This military doctor thinks about how to fine-tune health related policies. This lawyer is keen to make suggestions on amending existing laws. And this writer wants new ideas to be respected and protected.

Zhao Mei, NPC Deputy, said, "My major concern is IPR protection. We have the laws, but we must strengthen it. I've seen great improvements over the years, but in China, the concept was weak to begin with, so we always need to work on it. But at the same time, we must acknowledge it's a gradual process."

Zhao Mei has long been an advocate of enhanced IPR protection. She believes in a country so rich in cultural heritage, creations of the mind should be particularly valued.

Zhao Mei, NPC Deputy, said, "Premier Wen stressed cultural development in his government work report. As a writer, I know the essence of literature and arts is creativity. And protecting this creativity is the greatest incentive and the best reward."

"For all NPC deputies, their responsibilities are both political and social for the people they represent."


Editor:Zhang Pengfei