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Israeli-Palestinian violence continues


Source: | 02-28-2008 09:02

Over in the Middle East, at least 12 Palestinians and one Israeli were killed in violence between the two sides on Wednesday.

The violence is likely to continue fuelling calls in Israel for a larger-scale ground offensive in Gaza.
The violence is likely to continue fuelling calls 
in Israel for a larger-scale ground offensive in Gaza.

The violence is likely to continue fuelling calls in Israel for a larger-scale ground offensive in Gaza.

The Israeli army carried out the aerial strikes on militants in the Gaza Strip.

And Palestinian militants launched dozens of homemade rockets from Gaza aimed at Israeli towns and communities. At least 40 rockets were fired at Israel.

A group of children and teens were approaching a rocket's launcher when Israel attacked, and three were killed. The other nine casualties were Palestinian militants.

The Israeli planes blasted the office of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haneya and the Interior Ministry, which were empty.

Haneya and other Hamas leaders have been in hiding, fearing Israeli assassination attempts.

In Israel's southern town of Sderot, one Israeli civilian was killed and four others were injured after a homemade rocket hit a house in the town.

Various Palestinian groups denounced the Israeli attacks. The Chief of police intelligence in the West Bank blamed Israel for trying to disturb the stable security situation in the area.

And Israel has also reacted strongly.

David Baker, Spokesman of Israeli Government, said, "We will confront this terrorism with a determination and diligence to bring this terrorism to an end."

The fresh violence comes after the UN urged Egypt, Israel and the Palestinians to find a fresh strategy to end the blockade of the Gaza Strip and halt rocket firing into Israel.


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