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Kosovo government pushes for independence


Source: | 01-18-2008 13:20

Kosovo's ethnic Albanian controlled government and senior international diplomats have met to discuss implementing a supervised independence plan developed by a United Nations special envoy.

Kosovo's ethnic Albanian controlled government and senior international diplomats have met to discuss implementing a supervised independence plan developed by a United Nations special envoy.(
Kosovo's ethnic Albanian controlled government and 
senior international diplomats have met to discuss 
implementing a supervised independence plan developed 
by a United Nations special envoy.(

Kosovo's Deputy Prime Minister said the ethnic Albanian dominated region is ready for independence from Serbia, but is urging citizens to stay calm.

The move is strongly opposed by Serbia and its ally Russia, as the Serbian president has told the UN Security Council that his country will never recognize an independent Kosovo.

The United States and some European countries have reaffirmed their support for Kosovo's independence drive.

China has called for the international community to pursue a solution accepted by both Belgrade and Pristina.


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