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Germany polar bear "Flocke" open her eyes


Source: | 01-16-2008 13:40

Germany's latest famous polar bear cub has finally opened her eyes for the first time A zoo keeper says it appears she is a little cross-eyed.

Germany's latest famous polar bear cub has finally opened her eyes for the first time A zoo keeper says it appears she is a little cross-eyed. (
Germany's latest famous polar bear cub has finally 
opened her eyes for the first time A zoo keeper says 
it appears she is a little cross-eyed. (

But other than that, "Flocke" - as the keepers at the Nuremberg Zoo have dubbed the cub - seems to be developing just fine.

After a routine health check, the vet at the zoo said he can already see the cub's teeth shimmering through her gums.

She is being bottle-fed with milk every four hours and already weighs almost 3 kilos.

Zoo keepers say they are cautiously optimistic that the zoo will be successful in hand rearing the bear.

They can now distinguish the noises she makes and know what she wants.

Over the weekend, five-week-old "Flocke" who has yet to be officially named got her own web page.

More than two million people had visited the site by Tuesday afternoon and the zoo has already received suggestions for 22-thousand names.