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China ready for Mid-Autumn Festival


Source: | 09-25-2007 08:26

Special Report:   Mid-Autumn Festival Gala

With just one day to go before the Mid-Autumn Festival, a festive mood has descended on the whole country.

In east China's Fuzhou city, the festival means building towers made out of broken tiles. According to local tradition, those with high towers will enjoy both good fortune and longevity. In southwest China's Chongqing city, the festival is a time that unites neighbors in song and dance. In east China's Shangdong province, many construction workers have received complimentary moon cakes. The timely gift, they say, makes them feel less homesick.

Meanwhile, in central China's Henan province, children whose parents are away working can now spend the festival together, via the Internet.


Editor:Zhang Ning