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China opens anti-corruption body to media


Source: | 09-21-2007 08:49

Special Report:   17th CPC National Congress

China has opened the doors of its Central Commission of Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China to foreign media. It's part of the country's move to improve the openness and transparency of the government.

For the first time, the Party's Central Commission of Discipline Inspection welcomed a group of foreign visitors on Thursday. Curious and excited, 30 journalists from major media around the world were allowed into the headquarters of the country's anti-corruption campaign.

This is part of the efforts by the CPC to improve communication with the outside world.

Chi Yaoyun, Deputy Director of General Office of CCDI, CPC ,said, "Our inviting you to visit our offices is one way to improve our government's openness and transparency. We set up our spokesman system in 1987 and we are working more to improve our news briefings mechanism."

Last week's press conference is another example. The Director of the National Corruption Prevention Bureau Ma Wen introduced the newly established organization and the tasks it will deal with.

Corruption is now one of the biggest threats to the Communist Party of China. And it is also one of the biggest issues the foreign media focuses on.


Editor:Zhang Ning