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Chinese National Bureau of Corruption Prevention established


Source: | 09-13-2007 13:30

Special Report:   17th CPC National Congress

China says corruption can be prevented, and to this end, has created a new state organization. The National Corruption Prevention Bureau is directly under the State Council. It will focus on education and curb corruption at the root.

China's latest step in the fight against corruption. China says the new bureau is its answer to a UN Convention it signed in 2005. It will also help the country learn from the experience of the international community.

Ma Wen, Director of Nat'l Corruption prevention Bureau,said ,"The main function of the bureau is research and study promoting the anti-corruption campaign, and coordination between departments."Chief Ma Wen is also the Minister of Supervision. She says the bureau will report directly to China's cabinet, the State Council.

Corruption is now one of the biggest threats to the Communist Party of China. People see officials not as public servants, but as profiteers.

One procurator says the root of corruption is the loopholes in the administrative system, which means power often goes unsupervised.Another says prevention must go hand-in-hand with punishment.

The 30 staff of the new bureau come mainly from the Party's Central Commission of Discipline and Supervision and sits inside the Ministry of Supervision.

Corruption is a matter of life and death in China. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The government hopes this new agency can educate its officials before it's too late.


Editor:Zhang Ning