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El-Baradei on DPRK, Iran issues


Source: | 09-07-2007 09:22

The head of the UN nuclear watchdog says the first positive step has been taken to dismantle the DPRK's nuclear capability. Mohamed El-Baradei has also urged Iran to stick to its promises to be

more open with the International Atomic Energy Agency about its nuclear power plans.

El-Baradei was speaking in London at the 32nd annual symposium of the World Nuclear Association.

El-Baradei said progress has been made on the DPRK nuclear issue. And he said the next step is for the country to declare all its nuclear material and start dismantling its weapons.

He said, "That obviously is a very complex process, it requires discussion with North Korea on its regional security, it requires generous economic an humanitarian assistance to North Korea, but at the end of the day we need to integrate North Korea as part of the international community and make them feel secure and the best way to do that is through negotiations."