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CPPCC members´ opinions on this year´s meeting


Source: | 03-15-2007 14:13

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC sessions

Before the CPPCC session ended, CCTV reporter Mao Xuzhi spoke with some of the members to hear their opinions on this year's meeting.

In about 10 minutes time, the CPPCC will wrap up its annual session here at the Great Hall of the People. How do China's political advisors feel about this year's session? Qu Shijing, a councilor in Shanghai and Zhou Hanmin, Deputy Bureau Chief of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Q1.: Mr. Qu, at this session, political advisors presented more than 4,000 proposals. But last year, the number was over 5,000. How do you interpret this lower number?

Q2.:Mr. Zhou, how would you evaluate this years' proposals? What kind of proposals impressed you most?

Q3: Mr. Qu, I heard you had a face-to-face discussion with CPPCC Chairman, Jia Qinlin the other day. What did you talk about?

Q4: Mr. Zhou, CPPCC sessions always run in parallel with the NPC sessions. And this is the last year for you as a political advisor. Could you tell us your personal understanding of the role CPPCC members play compared with NPC deputies?

Q5: Finally, Mr. Qu, in what way do you think the CPPCC should improve its role in China's development?


Editor:Du Xiaodan