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26th session of 10th NPC Standing Committee closed

Source: | 02-28-2007 14:46

Special Report:   2007 NPC & CPPCC

The 26th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People's Congress closed on Wednesday morning. Members voted on the Fifth annual plenary session agenda and decided to publicize the draft law of employment promotion for public opinions.

And, the latest news from Xinhua News Agency is that the NPC Deputies and CPPCC Members from the Tibet Autonomous Region have arrived in Beijing on Wednesday morning. They are the first Deputies and Members from outside the Capital city, and the first to arrive using the famous Qinghai Tibet Railway.

Members of the Standing Committee voted to pass the Plenary session's agenda, the composition of the presidium, and the work report of the Standing Committee.

This year's NPC's Plenary session will open on the fifth of March.

The Standing Committee also stressed the significance of the Draft Law of Employment Promotion, which has been considered for the first time.

Wu Bangguo, Chairman, NPC Standing Committee, said, "Members all agree that the contradiction between supply and demand in labor resources will exist for a long time, due to the country's population situation. It is a long term arduous job for us"

The Chairman also says the draft law will be open to the public for suggestions, especially at grass roots levels where the problem of unemployment is more serious.

The Standing Committee has also voted to pass a number of appointments and the removal of some government officials.


Editor:Du Xiaodan