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Iran to target US interests if attacked


Source: | 02-09-2007 08:50

Nuclear tensions are on the rise as Iran's Supreme leader issues a new threat to the United States.

Ayatollah Ali Khameni says the Islamic Republic will target US interests around the world if his nation comes under attack because of its disputed nuclear programme.

Khameni's comments came as an Iranian naval commander announced the Revolutionary Guards had test fired missiles, powerful enough to sink "big warships." A second US aircraft carrier is steaming for the Persian Gulf but the White House says it does not see the test as a direct threat to US ships.

Iran and the United States are at odds over Iran's nuclear program and over Iran's alleged support of Islamic extremists and terrorist groups in Iraq.

Later, White House spokesman Tony Snow said the Washington has no plans to invade Iran. Snow said Iran is defiant to UN resolutions to develop nuclear weapons.


Editor:Du Xiaodan