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Russia says war is not solution to Iran´s nuclear issue


Source: | 01-29-2007 08:36

Russia has reiterated that military action is not a way to solve the standoff over Iran's nuclear ambitions. The message came during a one-day visit by the head of the Russian National Security Council, Igor Ivanov, to Tehran.

Ivanov met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other officials including chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani. At a joint news conference later, Ivanov emphasized that all sides should do their best to find a political solution to the issue. A senior official from Iran's Atomic Energy Organization said the country has not started the instalment of centrifuges.

Last year, Russia agreed to ship fuel to Iran's Bushehr nuclear power station by March 2007, with electricity generation to start by November.


Editor:Du Xiaodan