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Lebanon asks UN for help in investigating Gemayel’s murder


Source: | 11-23-2006 13:08

UN Chief Kofi Annan says Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora has asked the UN to help Beirut investigate Gemayel's murder.

( Recap : Lebanese Industry Minister and Christian leader Pierre Gemayel shot dead )

On Tuesday, Siniora wrote to Annan that his government wanted the latest incident added to the ongoing UN inquiry into the murder of former Prime Ministe Rafik al-Hariri last year. Later in the day, Annan told reporters he's extremely worried about the situation in Lebanon.

UN secretary general, Kofi Annan said, "As you also may know I've called leaders in the region including Syria and Iran to work with the parties to insure there's unity and stability in Lebanon and to encourage patience on all sides. I hope the government will be able to react quickly to the statutes which have been sent to them so that we can move on to the next stage. But of course the situation is delicate, it's very fragile and we should all do whatever we can to support the Lebanese people and the government and encourage them to stand united."

World condemnation continues

Leaders around the world have continued their condemnation of the assassination of Lebanon's Pierre Gemayel. The Secretary General of the Arab league, Amr Moussa expressed his sorrow at the murder and called for calm among the Lebanese people. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the killing "cowardly".

Secretary general of Arab League, Amr Moussa said,"I feel sorry and so angry for what happened yesterday regarding these crimes and especially that one, which happened at a time that we were hoping to engage in conversations between all different Lebanese sects, and not just add a new furious factor and anger in the different Lebanese communities. "

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, said, "We condemn this murder. We want an independent Lebanon and violence must be stopped with the greatest determination. This was a cowardly killing which the United Nations has to condemn."


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