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Gemayel’s body arrives home


Source: | 11-23-2006 13:05

Lebanon has started three days of mourning for assassinated Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel. His body has arrived in his hometown in the northeast of the country. The anti-Syrian figure was shot dead as he drove through a Christian suburb of Beirut on Tuesday afternoon.

( Recap : Lebanese Industry Minister and Christian leader Pierre Gemayel shot dead )

Grief was everywhere when Gemayel's body returned to Bikfaya, the place where he was born.

Religious and military leaders as well as hundreds of villagers gathered to express their condolences to his family including his father, former President Amin Gemayel.

The Lebanese government has cancelled Independence Day celebrations.

In the capital of Beirut, city streets emptied and many business closed as people prepared for Gemayel's funeral, which is scheduled for Thursday.

Lebanese troops patrolled the streets and set up checkpoints to prevent demonstrations.

As darkness fell, local mourners gathered to pray at the place where Gemayel was gunned down.

Many were there as a protest against his killing. "I am here because we have to defend the human right to live in peace." A mourner said.

In the meantime, Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora has met with ministers and heads of security forces to hear of the developments in the investigation.

Senior interior officials say they're still probing the incident and are collecting evidence from eyewitnesses.


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