Source: Xinhua

05-12-2009 11:53

Special Report:   Tech Max

MANADO, Indonesia, May 11 (Xinhua) -- The Internet giant Google Inc. introduced the Google Ocean to bring oceans condition before people's eyes in the World Ocean Conference (WOC), so they could see what was really happening in the deep waters, an official said on Monday.

The Internet giant Google Inc. introduced the Google Ocean to bring oceans condition before people's eyes in the World Ocean Conference.
The Internet giant Google Inc. introduced the Google Ocean 
to bring oceans condition before people's eyes in the World
Ocean Conference.(File photo)

"We will sense something different if we see it with our own eyes," said Michael Jones, the Google's Chief Technology Advocate here.

That's why, he said, by bringing the oceans condition, people would be aware that bad things were happening deep down there and realized that oceans were important for human kind.

Jones added that his company deployed more than 1,000 scientific groups to make Google Ocean happened.

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