03-12-2008 21:01

Today`s Topic:   China`s Diplomacy

Today`s Host:

CCTV International host, Yang rui. 

CCTV International host, Yang rui. (

Today`s Guests:

Professor Sun Zhe from Tsinghua University
Professor Sun Zhe from Tsinghua University.(


Dr. Brandon Blackburn Dwyer, our regular world affairs commentator
Dr. Brandon Blackburn Dwyer, our regular world affairs


Watch Studio Discussion

Discussion introduction

Part 1  Part2  Live tele interview on Sino-Europe       

Part3  Part4   Live tele interview on Sino-U.S.

Part5  Part6   Live tele interview on Sino-Japan



Watch Background News:

FM: China to continue road of peaceful development

2007: A fruitful Year for Chinese diplomacy






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