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2007: A fruitful Year for Chinese diplomacy


Source: | 03-12-2008 12:49

Special Report:   2008 NPC & CPPCC sessions

China made progress in cementing ties with major powers last year. It stepped up cooperation with neighboring countries and regional blocs, and expanded its coordination with larger developing countries.

China's relations with major global powere have made steady progreasses over the past five years.

Last April, Premier Wen Jiabao visited Japan and the new Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda returned the visit at the end of the year.

These were the signs of the warming ties between China and Japan. The two sides revitalized bilateral cooperation in energy, environmental protection, and personnel exchanges.

Meanwhile, last December, China and the United States conducted the third round of strategic economic dialogues in Beijing.

The dialogue on international and regional issues helped settle disputes in ties and eased substantial cooperation.

Last year China's relationship with Russia also reached historic highs. The two nations held activities in their countries to honor each others' cultures. This further consolidated the basis of Sino-Russia relations.

Elsewhere the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and the EU grew mature and pragmatic.

Both sides saw the diplomacy in recent decades building a strong foundation in trade and economic ties.

China and the EU talked about trade, but they conducted a political dialogue as well.

Last November, the 10th meeting of Chinese and EU leaders was held in Beijing.

China didn't just forge ties with the world's biggest powers. It also extended its hand to developing regions.

Africa was Chinese President Hu Jintao's first overseas destination last year.

The visit was a major follow up to 2006's China-Africa summit.

A majority of the programs of the eight policy measures were accomplished by the end of last year. 2008 will prove to be a crucial year as all the projects go into full effect, and strategic partnerships get boosted to the next level.

While stepping up state-to-state relations, China played a positive role on multilateral stages and in regional affairs.

Climate change was at the top of the agenda for the international community. China actively joined global efforts to combat climate change, participated in international negotiations and formed regulations.

During a session of the G-8 Summit last June, Chinese President Hu Jintao affirmed the country's view on battling climate change.

With the deepening of relationships between China and outside world, the country's development will be closely bound with that of the rest of the world.

This year, 2008, will be a pivotal one for the Chinese diplomacy as it hosts the Olympics. The country will continue working to make new contributions to world peace and development.


Editor:Zhang Ning