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Futuristic enterprises at world EXPO


Source: | 05-03-2009 10:04

Special Report:   2010 Shanghai Expo Countdown

The Shanghai 2010 World Expo is set to be a grand gathering of countries showcasing different lifestyles and cultures. It's also a world-class opportunity for companies to promote technology and innovation.

an artist's rendition of the Aviation Pavilion
an artist's rendition of the Aviation Pavilion

One year from now, global commercial giants will show their cutting-edge technology at the Shanghai World Expo. One of the expo's main goals is to treat visitors a taste of the future.

As the first company to confirm its participation, General Motors is building a 6,000 square meter spiral-shaped pavilion to simulate the future of transport. Visitors will experience the relationship between cities, people and vehicles in 2030.

Jin Lin, Curator, SAIC-GM enterprise pavilion, said, "We intend to simulate the elements of the year 2030 in our exhibition. It will allow visitors to feel the transport of the future, and imagine their life style at that time."

General Motors' exhibition was the most popular of the 1939 World Expo in New York, attracting 27 million visitors. The exhibition simulated the highway networks of the future. General Motors is now raising the topic for more innovation and reform on future transport, another 20 years from now.