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Peace, Development and Cooperation --Banner for China´s Diplomacy in the New Era

Source: Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs | 04-28-2009 17:48

Under the banner of peace, development and cooperation, China's diplomacy has made bold headway, serving domestic development and contributing to world peace and common development.

1. Peace, development and cooperation is the irresistible trend of the times.

Since entering the 21st century, the world has continued to undergo profound changes. World multipolarization and economic globalization are developing in greater depth amid twists and turns. Science and technology are making rapid progress as human society advances at accelerated pace. New situations and new contradictions keep cropping up without letup. Maintaining world peace and promoting common development remains the mission of all countries in the world.

Thanks to its exploration and practice, the international community has arrived at a deeper understanding that it must secure peace and promote development through cooperation in the interest of progressing times and human advancement and seek mutual benefit and win-win results by earnestly expanding the convergence of interests of all countries.

--We need cooperation to maintain common security. With non-traditional security threats on the rise and intertwined with the traditional ones, security problems of various kinds have become more transnational, interrelated and sudden in occurrence. The security of one nation is closely related with that of the region and of the world as a whole. Only through international cooperation can we effectively address the common security problems facing all countries. The Cold-War mentality, unilateralism and the worship of military might will lead us nowhere.

--We need cooperation to realize common development. The ongoing economic globalization has increased the level of economic interdependence on the one hand, and aggravated the unevenness of development on the other, reducing some countries to a precarious position of being marginalized. A globalized economy calls for globalized cooperation. It is only through cooperation can we gradually redress the imbalance in global development, effectively ward off economic and financial risks, and enable countries to seize the opportunities brought by globalization to realize common development.

--We need cooperation to promote inter-civilization harmony and coexistence. The spread of information technology has changed the way people live and work and made relations among countries and civilizations more complicated. Only by respecting, tolerating and learning from one another, and by strengthening mutual communications, dialogue and cooperation, can the civilizations in today's world develop themselves properly while making contributions to the progress of entire mankind.

The multi-field, multi-level and multi-channel cooperation within the international community has become the realistic choice of more and more countries in recent years. The vigorous pursuit of peace, development and cooperation by the people of all countries has formed a tide of history.