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2-way investment expected to be discussed


Source: | 04-26-2009 09:27

Special Report:   3rd round of cross-strait talk

The Chinese Mainland and Taiwan now have two-way postal and transport links. But so far, investment is only going one way, from Taiwan to the Mainland.

The Chinese Mainland and Taiwan now have two-way postal and transport links.(
The Chinese Mainland and Taiwan now have two-way
postal and transport links. (

The two sides are expected to take up the issue.

By the end of last year, the Chinese mainland had approved 77-thousand investment projects from Taiwan. Cross-strait trade topped 800-billion yuan.

And the Mainland is now Taiwan's biggest investment destination. But Taiwan's door is still closed to Mainland investors.

Last December, the Mainland issued a notice that allows mainland investment to go to Taiwan. The island's media says Taiwan authorities have reached a preliminary draft that will open Taiwan for mainland investment.

The negotiators for cross-straits relations are expected to address the matter and reach some consensus when they meet Sunday.


Editor:Zhang Pengfei