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Chinese navy reaching hand to world


Source: | 04-23-2009 13:47

Special Report:   Chinese navy 60th anniversary

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For the most part, the Chinese navy has been relatively isolated, and something of an unknown quantity to outsiders. But a growing military strength has come in line with a growing military openness.

The navy is reaching out for more foreign exchanges, and it's showing off its newest vessels to the world.
The navy is reaching out for more foreign exchanges, and it's
showing off its newest vessels to the world.

The navy is reaching out for more foreign exchanges, and it's showing off its newest vessels to the world.

A journey to reach out that's becoming more frequent for the Chinese navy.

The fleet that left Sanya this February was among the country's latest heading for friendly visits and joint drills.

The first such visit was in 1985, and the destination was Pakistan. Since then over 50 vessels have visited more than 40 countries. They brought not only a message of friendship, but also the latest technology of the Chinese navy.

He Xin from Chinese Naval Fleet said, "All our visiting vessels are of the newest type designed and produced by China since the late 1970s. This includes the missile destroyer, missile frigate, and ocean-going training and supplying vessel."