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Missile destroyer: Stars of Chinese navy


Source: | 04-21-2009 09:56

Special Report:   Chinese navy 60th anniversary

The PLA navy was founded in 1949. From humble beginnings, six decades of development has transformed it into a strong, modern force.

The PLA navy was founded in 1949. From humble beginnings, six decades of development has transformed it into a strong, modern force.
The PLA navy was founded in 1949. From humble beginnings, 
six decades of development has transformed it into a 
strong, modern force.

As the navy celebrates its 60th anniversary, we begin a series charting the growth of the Chinese navy. Our first focus is a key component of the naval fleet, missile destroyers. These vessels represent the country's main combat power at sea.

Real gunfire, with a real task. This is the debut of China's new generation of missile destroyers in joint overseas drills. The target is pirates and endangered ships.

Eleven countries took part in this drill in Pakistan last month. It was the first time the Chinese destroyer used real gun fire outside its territory and worked with foreign vessels in rescue and capture drills. It was a big step for the Chinese navy.

Chinese Naval official Chen Yueqi said, "According to international norms, a navy patrolling the coast is a "Yellow Navy", one that can patrol offshore is a "Green Navy", one with a capacity of combating in the ocean is a "Blue Navy." So becoming "blue" is the dream of all the navies in the world."