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New Zealand ships arrive in Qingdao


Source: | 04-20-2009 16:30

Special Report:   Chinese navy 60th anniversary

Two naval vessels from New Zealand have arrived at the port of Qingdao as China's navy prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary. They're among more than 20 naval ships from 14 countries scheduled to join the celebrations.

Two naval vessels from New Zealand have arrived at the port of Qingdao as China's navy prepares to celebrate its 60th anniversary. They're among more than 20 naval ships from 14 countries scheduled to join the celebrations.
Two naval vessels from New Zealand have arrived at the port 
of Qingdao as China's navy prepares to celebrate its 60th 
anniversary. They're among more than 20 naval ships from 
14 countries scheduled to join the celebrations.

Two more foreign vessels are expected to arrive today (Monday) from South Korea. As the highlight of the celebrations, the visiting ships will observe a naval parade of about 30 Chinese warships, and attend an international fleet review on Thursday.

Several cultural and sports events for the sailors, including a windsurfing competition at the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, are also scheduled.