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Boao Forum to discuss financial crisis


Source: | 04-17-2009 19:24

Special Report:   Boao Forum for Asia 2009

Many participants are keen to take part in the forum against the background of the global slowdown. The informal high-level talks are expected to produce practical measures to revive the regional economy.

The annual Boao forum for Asia always focuses on the most pressing economic development issue of the year. This year's theme is Asia: managing beyond crisis.
The annual Boao forum for Asia always focuses on the most
pressing economic development issue of the year. This 
year's theme is Asia: managing beyond crisis.

The annual Boao forum for Asia always focuses on the most pressing economic development issue of the year. This year's theme is Asia: managing beyond crisis.

The general secretary of the forum, Long Yongtu, said at a press conference that, unlike other governmental or non-governmental meetings, this year's Forum focuses on concerns of emerging economies as well as challenges they are facing in the crisis.

Long Yongtu, general secretary of Boao Forum for Asia, said, "We hope the forum will be a platform where the voices of emerging economies can be heard. In this global crisis, we have noticed that the emerging economies have three basic appeals. First, they are demanding a greater role in the rebuilding of a new global financial structure; Second, they want to play a bigger role in the global raw material pricing mechanism; third, they are calling for a fairer and more free international regime which will be against trade protectionism. "