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China´s second naval task force reaches Gulf of Aden


Source: | 04-14-2009 08:37

Special Report:   China navy's escorting mission

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A second naval task force sent by China to guard against pirates off the Somali Coast has joined the first fleet in the eastern waters of the Gulf of Aden. The first fleet's mission has now come to an end and the two forces will carry out joint surveillance.

A second naval task force sent by China to guard against pirates off the Somali Coast has joined the first fleet in the eastern waters of the Gulf of Aden. 
A second naval task force sent by China to guard against 
pirates off the Somali Coast has joined the first fleet in
the eastern waters of the Gulf of Aden.

The destroyer "Wuhan" from the first batch of ships signalled the arrival of the new task force.

The destroyer "Shenzhen" and frigate "Huangshan" took up the call, and the crews lined up for a simple welcoming ceremony.

The first Chinese naval task force has just completed its 40th escort mission.

The two destroyers have been escorting 7 merchant ships since Saturday. Two of them are from Shanghai, four are registered in Hong Kong and the other is German. The naval task force also had to post troops on one of the ships from Shanghai, since it was too slow to keep up with the destroyers.