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Tibetan literature converted into e-file


Source: | 03-27-2009 13:02

Special Report:   Tibet in 50 Years

After three years of strenuous effort, the Gansu Ethnic Teachers' Institute is wrapping up the first phase of its ambitious project aimed at converting the complete collection of ancient Tibetan literature into electronic files.

 Gansu Ethnic Teachers' Institute is wrapping up the first phase of its ambitious project aimed at converting the complete collection of ancient Tibetan literature into electronic files.
Gansu Ethnic Teachers' Institute is wrapping up the
first phase of its ambitious project aimed at converting 
the complete collection of ancient Tibetan literature 
into electronic files.

According to the institute's Tibetan Culture Research Center, the scope of the project covers all the available Tibetan-language literature in China. The subjects range from theology and philosophy, to medicine and history.

Some of the volumes have been borrowed from monastery libraries for scanning. Already nearly 6,000 volumes have been scanned during the first phase of the work. The project will produce a wide-ranging electronic database for researchers of Tibetan studies.