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Foreign diplomats eye Tibet´s changes through exhibit


Source: | 03-25-2009 19:32

Special Report:   Tibet in 50 Years

Foreign diplomats in Beijing have visited an exhibition on democratic reform in Tibet, and the region's fast development over the last 50 years. Many of the more than 150 diplomats in attendance described the exhibition at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities as "beautiful" and said it helped them gain a better understanding of Tibet's development.

Foreign diplomats in Beijing have visited an exhibition on democratic reform in Tibet, and the region's fast development over the last 50 years. 
Foreign diplomats in Beijing have visited an exhibition on
democratic reform in Tibet, and the region's fast 
development over the last 50 years. 

Everything in the exhibition hall is about Tibet, including the decorations.

Change is the keyword. The focus is on the democratic reform of the region 50 years ago and its development since then.

It's about the better lives of the people and the preservation of culture.

Official figures show the undeniable achievements in many aspects of society.

The exhibition also features Tibetan medicine, food and handicrafts. Many visitors found them impressive.