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France, Slovenia on Renault plant closure


Source: | 03-21-2009 09:27

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French car company, Renault, says it plans to create 400 jobs in France by moving production of its small Clio Campus model from Slovenia to France. The announcement on Friday raised concerns about protectionism at the E.U. summit in Brussels.

French car company, Renault, says it plans to create 400 jobs in France by moving production of its small Clio Campus model from Slovenia to France.
French car company, Renault, says it plans to 
create 400 jobs in France by moving production 
of its small Clio Campus model from Slovenia to 

E.U. officials warned French President Nicholas Sarkozy not to let his efforts to help the French auto industry cost jobs in other countries. Sarkozy defended Renault's decision, saying it had nothing to do with economic nationalism and just made sense. Meanwhile, a Renault spokeswoman said the move will not entail any job losses at its Slovenian plant. Chairman of the Board for Renault Slovenia, Ales Bratoz, said the move was made due to the fact that its plant cannot meet the demand for this model in the European market.

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