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Russian year to begin in China

Source: | 03-21-2009 09:21

According to an agreement on language exchange between China and Russia, the "Russian Year" will begin next week in China. The "Chinese Year" will follow in 2010 in Russia.

According to an agreement on language exchange between China and Russia, the "Russian Year" will begin next week in China.
According to an agreement on language exchange between China
and Russia, the "Russian Year" will begin next week in China.

The Russian Foreign Ministry says the language exchange will further boost comprehensive ties between the two countries. A Russian delegation, headed by deputy Prime Minister, Alexander Zhukov, will arrive in China on March the 25th. The delegation is scheduled to attend the opening ceremony of the "Russian Year". As part of the efforts, China Central Television's Russian Channel is set to open later this year.

Aleksey Efemov, chief editor of Chinese language of Russian News & Information Agency, says, "CCTV Russian Channel is a window for the Russian people to learn more about China, its politics, economy and culture."

Vladimir Kurilov, president of Far Eastern National University, says, "its very important to bring Chinese culture to Russia, to those who are interested in China. It is important as well to those who love Russia and its language, those who want to celebrate the relationship between the two countries."


Editor:Qin Yongjing