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Documentary of Tibet democratic reform wins understanding


Source: | 03-12-2009 12:18

Special Report:   Tibet in 50 Years

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A documentary dealing with the democratic reform of Tibet has been broadcast worldwide through China Central Television. Overseas-Chinese in various countries have been responding favorably to the documentary.

Liu Jinting, vice director of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said, "We feel proud of the progress that has been achieved in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Fifty years ago many Tibetans were serfs and led a miserable life. It was after the democratic reform that their lives were dramatically changed."
Liu Jinting, vice director of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, 
said, "We feel proud of the progress that has been achieved 
in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Fifty years ago many Tibetans 
were serfs and led a miserable life. It was after the democratic 
reform that their lives were dramatically changed."

Liu Jinting, vice director of Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said, "We feel proud of the progress that has been achieved in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Fifty years ago many Tibetans were serfs and led a miserable life. It was after the democratic reform that their lives were dramatically changed."