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"Media must be objective about Tibet"

Source: China Daily | 03-12-2009 09:15

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The Western view of Tibet is colored largely because of cross-cultural misunderstandings, which the media must bridge, a top official has said.

Zhao Qizheng, head of the foreign affairs committee of the country's top political advisory body, speaks on the sidelines of the ongoing annual CPPCC session, March 11, 2009. [China Daily]
Zhao Qizheng, head of the foreign affairs committee of the 
country's top political advisory body, speaks on the 
sidelines of the ongoing annual CPPCC session, March 11, 
2009. [China Daily]

Zhao Qizheng, head of the foreign affairs committee of the country's top political advisory body, said: "The few foreigners who have visited Tibet hold three impressions of the region - one, it is beautiful; two, it is occupied by China; and three, Han Chinese culture has assimilated Tibetan culture.

"Other than the first impression, the remaining two are false notions."