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Proposal: More low-rent housing of better quality


Source: | 03-12-2009 09:00

Special Report:   2009 NPC & CPPCC Sessions

Building affordable homes is an essential part of the social security system and low rent housing is a good way to achieve this. One member of the CPPCC wants more funds and better quality for such projects.

Building affordable homes is an essential part of the social security system and low rent housing is a good way to achieve this.
Building affordable homes is an essential part of the social 
security system and low rent housing is a good way to 
achieve this.

Having a place to live is a basic necessity. And for low-income families, an affordable but decent home tops their wish list.

Guo Tao is the Vice President of China State Construction Engineering Corporation. The company carries out landmark projects, but he's also been paying attention to affordable housing.

CPPCC member Guo Tao said, "There are many low-income families or young people who cannot afford expensive commercial houses. Providing low-rent homes is a good way to help them settle down and feel secure. I think investment in such projects helps economic growth because there's such a huge need. It also helps ensure people's livelihood and social stability."

Over the past decade, China has introduced various forms of inexpensive housing. But as the price of commercial apartments soars, considerable profits are driving investors away from inexpensive housing that is for sale. That's why the advisor wants more funds, better locations and more quality, as well as good management for low-rent homes.

CPPCC member Guo Tao said, "I think the country should build more low-rent housing. And it should build less of the inexpensive housing which is for sale. The rent can be divided into different categories based on people's income level. The location should be reasonable to avoid isolation and discrimination. We also need detailed quality and aesthetic standards to make sure these low-rent homes are functional and look decent."

The advisor says the China State Construction Engineering Corporation is in the process of planning a real estate project that focuses on building affordable homes.

China began providing low-rent houses for low-income families in 1998, when the country was advancing its housing reforms. For Guo Tao, having access to affordable homes is essential for public wellbeing and the government's credibility. He hopes that improving the quality of these homes will make them more than just a place to live.


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