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Stronger food safety supervision needed


Source: | 03-11-2009 17:36

Special Report:   2009 NPC & CPPCC Sessions
Special Report:   Food & Drug Safety in China

NPC deputies and CPPCC members say supervision should be strengthened over food safety. China adopted a food safety law just before the sessions started. Lawmakers and advisors are discussing the fine points of management and supervision.

NPC deputies and CPPCC members say supervision should be strengthened over food safety.
NPC deputies and CPPCC members say supervision should be 
strengthened over food safety.

NPC deputy, Jin Zhiguo's big concern is food safety.

Now that China has passed the law, his focus shifts to enforcement.

NPC deputy Jin Zhiguo said, "Penalties need to be increased in the process of law enforcement so that they dare not break the rules. It shouldn't be just the manufacturers and sellers of fake products who are penalized, but the supervisors as well."

CPPCC member Zhang Xingang said, "With a sense of caution, we hope that the supervision mechanism can be strengthened through legislation."

Food safety supervision in China involves at least five departments.

The State Council, or Cabinet, is expected to set up a food safety commission.

Lawmakers and advisors hope this results in better monitoring.

NPC member Gong Xuebin said, "The governments at all levels should establish such an organization so that we can analyze in advance and predict the problems. Once they are known, we can step up our supervision efforts. "

Other NPC deputies and CPPCC members suggest a system be set up to trace every step of food production. They also want a victims' compensation fund to be established for the food industry.


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