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Advisors: Study roots of corruption to help stop it


Source: | 03-11-2009 14:04

Special Report:   2009 NPC & CPPCC Sessions

Fighting corruption remains a highlight at this year's top political event. Advisors suggest authorities study the roots of the problem for better prevention and begin drafting a law to punish the abuse of power.

Lin Wenken has worked in discipline inspection departments for decades. He says understanding the roots of corruption will help stop it.
Lin Wenken has worked in discipline inspection departments 
for decades. He says understanding the roots of corruption 
will help stop it.

For years, the Communist Party of China has been fighting one of its biggest problems corruption.

Lin Wenken has worked in discipline inspection departments for decades. He says understanding the roots of corruption will help stop it.

CPPCC member Lin Wenken"Anti-corruption is in fact the premise of our socialist country construction, economic construction, and cultural construction. Corruption hampers economic growth and it could even destroy it. Severe corruption may cause the ruling power to decay because the people lose their rights."