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Tibetans embrace spring


Source: | 03-11-2009 08:57

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Tuesday marks the end of celebrations for the Tibetan New Year. But the festive atmosphere remains, as the weather turns warm in Lhasa and local people and tourists look forward to the year ahead.

Villager Zhoema of the Tibetan ethnic group works in the field at the bank of the Nyang River in Nyingchi of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, March 8, 2009. Peach trees have blossomed to welcome the spring season in the area.(Xinhua/Ye Hui)
Villager Zhoema of the Tibetan ethnic group works in the 
field at the bank of the Nyang River in Nyingchi of southwest 
China's Tibet Autonomous Region, March 8, 2009. Peach trees 
have blossomed to welcome the spring season in the area.
(Xinhua/Ye Hui)

Early in March, streets in Lhasa have been decorated by flowers. Although it is too early to full blossom, there is no doubt that the trademark sunshine will bring about a colorful spring in just days.