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Tibet official: March Lhasa riots won´t repeat

Source: Xinhua | 03-07-2009 08:08

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BEIJING, March 6 (Xinhua) -- A senior Tibet official said here Friday that the violent riots, which resulted in the death of at least 18 civilians in Lhasa last March, won't repeat.

Although the riots have caused tremendous damage to the social and economic development and people's life in Tibet, it did not change the fundamentals of the steady development in Tibet," Qiangba Puncog, chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region government, said.

"The overall situation Tibet is stable," he said on the sidelines of the ongoing parliament session.

Qiangba Puncog said he cannot rule out possibilities that some individuals might make reckless moves next week, but he believed that "riots like those in last March won't happen again."

His view was echoed by Chubakang Tubdain Kaizhub, a living Buddha and chairman of the Tibet Branch of the Buddhist Association of China.

There will be "no problems" of stability in Tibet this year, as" a small group of secessionists who attempt to make troubles have lost social support," said Chubakang Tubdain Kaizhub, a member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee, the country's top political advisory body.

"A handful of separatists can by no means win the people's heart, and their disturbance would only result in the collapse of the social foundation for their existence," said he.


In response to questions on securities measures on March 28, Qiangba Puncog said necessary measures will be taken in Lhasa on day, when celebrations will be held to mark the democratic reform that emancipated millions of serfs and slaves 50 years ago.