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Tibetan political advisors confident about 2009


Symposium participants agree that Tibet's development is on a fast track. The regional government has vowed double-digit growth in per capita net income for farmers and herders, fixed asset investment and retail sales of consumer communities. Meanwhile, the government has also set the stage for other development.

Cedor, Vice Chair of Tibetan Writers Association, said, "With the development of the economy, the cultural sector has achieved a lot during the past years. It is a good time for the sector because we have greater investment from the central and local government. We are confident for further development."
Cedor, Vice Chair of Tibetan Writers Association, said, 
"With the development of the economy, the cultural sector 
has achieved a lot during the past years. It is a good time 
for the sector because we have greater investment from the 
central and local government. We are confident for further 

Cedor, Vice Chair of Tibetan Writers Association, said, "With the development of the economy, the cultural sector has achieved a lot during the past years. It is a good time for the sector because we have greater investment from the central and local government. We are confident for further development."

Tibetans are commemorating 50 years of development since the region abandoned the serf system. Officials and social celebrities alike are confident Tibet will witness greater prosperity for its people.


Editor:Liu Anqi