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Official: Situation in Tibet stable, riots unlikely

"But the possibility of small incidents, like three to five individuals taking to the streets and shouting slogans, cannot be ruled out," he said on the sidelines of the ongoing two sessions.

Puncog attributed his confidence to the people of Tibet, who, he said, supported the government wholeheartedly.

"After the riot, more and more Tibetans realized that stability is a blessing and unrest is a disaster."

The violence last year left 18 civilians and a policeman dead, and injured 382 civilians and 241 police officials.

Rioters also set fire to 120 houses and 84 vehicles and looted 1,367 shops, causing an economic loss of about $47 million, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

However, Puncog said violence could hinder local development for a moment, but it wouldn't have a lasting impact.

"Given last year's riot, Tibet's GDP still showed a double-digit growth of 10.1 percent in 2008," he said.

As for this year, the regional government has set a 10-percent growth target, higher than the country's 8 percent.