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Young NPC deputy gives suggestions on job hunting


Source: | 03-05-2009 19:05

Special Report:   2009 NPC & CPPCC Sessions

Employment for university graduates has become a hot topic in the on-going NPC session. CCTV reporter Xu Zhaoqun talked with one of the youngest NPC Deputies about how young people should cope with the current situation.

Yao said he wants to see more young people get out of the metropolis and more policies to encourage students to do so.
Yao said he wants to see more young people get out of the 
metropolis and more policies to encourage students to do so.

Though he's a deputy of Dong ethnic group, Yao was a little reluctant to wear his headcloth before the opening session. He says putting it on is time consuming and he would rather take more time to consider his suggestion on the employment issue of the university graduate.

He chose time over formality on this occasion.

NPC deputy Yao Yizhou said, "The unversity graduates have a concept that only big cities are the best for their job hunting. In fact the small places like where I live have many opportunities. The salary might be lower, but these young people do need work experience to explore their future career. After graduation I went to a small county where talent was urgently needed, then I have a lot more opportunities than my fellow students to develop my career."

The 27-year-old Yao is the manager of a music instrument factory in Guizhou province.

He said there are only three people in the factory, who have a higher education background.

On the contrary, millions of graduates are looking for a position in big cities, or big companies, even if the salary is lower than what Yao offers. The high unemployment rate is not the students fault, however, changing their set mind on job hunting may be helpful.

Yao Yizhou said, "The governments and the media should help form an atmosphere that university students are encouraged to find jobs in the west and small towns. I believe these places can provide a larger stage for young people."

Yao said he wants to see more young people get out of the metropolis and more policies to encourage students to do so.


Editor:Zhang Ning