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Beijing, Fujian extend social security system


Source: | 03-03-2009 09:18

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Beijing municipality and Fujian province are extending their social security system coverage to make it accessible to people affected by the economic slowdown.

Beijing municipality and Fujian province are extending their social security system coverage to make it accessible to people affected by the economic slowdown.
Beijing municipality and Fujian province are extending their 
social security system coverage to make it accessible to 
people affected by the economic slowdown.

Beijing has established a uniform pension security system to cover all residents in both urban and rural areas.

As a rural resident, Tao Yandi hasn't joined the social pension insurance system. She is very interested in this new policy.

Beijing resident Tao Yandi said, "I pay about 900 yuan per year for the insurance. Then I can get over 400 yuan per month after I'm retired. That's about 5,000 yuan per year. I think the insurance is very good. "

In this new system, each pensioner is subject to pay at their will a certain percentage of their income into their pension account. And the municipal fiscal department will pay a basic pension of 280 yuan for each pensioner per month.

Zhang Xinqing, director of Beijing Municipal labor & Security Bureau, said, "We'll adopt more flexible policies. For example, people could pay more during the years that their income is high, and pay less during the years that they earn less. No one should be left outside the social security system. "

After Beijing became the first city to expand social security to rural areas, Fujian province in east China extended its labor social security coverage to migrant workers.

Ye Qiaoling works at a village labor security station. Her job is to help unemployed migrant workers in the village find jobs again. To facilitate this, Ye knows the employment condition of every family in the village.

Ye Qiaoling from Village Labor Security Station, said, "The conditions of each families in the village are recorded in this book. And we update the information every month. "

In Fujian, over 93 percent of villages have these stations. Local social security departments plan to have all rural areas covered by the end of this year.


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