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China makes great efforts to preserve Tibetan culture


Source: | 03-02-2009 08:58

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For decades, China has exerted great efforts to preserve the culture of Tibet, ranging from Tibetan Buddhism to folk customs.

For decades, China has exerted great efforts to preserve the culture of Tibet, ranging from Tibetan Buddhism to folk customs.
For decades, China has exerted great efforts to preserve 
the culture of Tibet, ranging from Tibetan Buddhism to 
folk customs.

Pattra-leaf Buddhist scriptures recorded early Tibetan culture.

These cultural treasures were originally written on palm leaves. They are now threatened by the environment.

Experts organized by the Central government have spent the last three years visiting nearly all of the temples in Tibet to help arrange and preserve these scriptures.

Tsewang Gyurme from Tibetan Academy of Social Sciences, said, "Pattra-leaf Buddhist texts are the origin of many Tibetan Buddhist scriptures. They recorded ancient Tibetan languages, drama and folk customs. Collecting and protecting the Pattra culture is of major significance to the study of Buddhism."